Vegitunnel Project
In 2004 Robin Good Initiative introduced a project promoting the growing of vegetables by individuals and Recipient Organisations.

Called the Robin Good Initiative Vegitunnel Project it was started as a result of a request for help by the Provincial Government of KZN, whose programme promoting conventional gardening projects was failing due to drought, insect problems and a lack of understanding of the overall problems of open ground growing.

After careful consideration of the plight of the people and the shortcomings of the attempted gardening by them, the Vegitunnel Project was born.

A pilot project was conducted by our KZN branch that proved so successful that it was extend to the rest of the country.
The project is centred in an innovative low cost shade tunnel measuring 4m X 9m. Tested initially by 60 installations, it proved itself beyond all expectations.

Long life cropping is undertaken on a simple hydroponics system in the Vegitunnels.

A range of produce can be grown, all of which are nutritious. Excess produce is easily marketed within the local community.

It is not uncommon for 1000 large spinach leaves to be harvested each week from one Vegitunnel. Tomatoes have also proven to be very successful.

Robin Good Initiative has been able to secure supplies of materials from suppliers at subsidised prices and thereby provide the Vegitunnels and the basic start-up kit at low cost. In this way a complete package is received by new growers.

Robin Good Initiative

Each Vegitunnel that has been placed in the field has been donated to Robin Good Initiative by donors from all walks of life. Private individuals and corporate sponsors have begun to catch the vision of Vegitunnels for South Africa.

Vegitunnels - changing lives

Vegitunnels are only placed with a recipient after the requisite training has been completed by the participants.

The training is given free of charge by Robin Good Initiative at one of our centres around the country and follow-up problem solving assistance is available on request. Training is also conducted ‘on site’ upon request.

All Vegitunnels remain the property of Robin Good Initiative. In the event that they fall into disuse they are uplifted and placed with a different Recipient Organisation or individual. This has occurred less than 0.5% of the more than 5000 Vegitunnels installed thus far.

The placing of Vegitunnels with as many recipients as possible, whether individuals or organisations, is the goal of the project.
It has become apparent that Vegitunnels are more than a ‘growing for food project.’ They are also a work project. People work every day in the Vegitunnels, feeding the plants, harvesting and then selling them over the fence or to their customers living nearby.
The revenues generated by growers are proving to be substantial. It is estimated that the produce coming from Vegitunnels is generating a turnover in excess of R2, 000, 000.00 pm.

In some instances the Vegitunnels are used in occupational therapy programs. For special conditions the structures are modified accordingly.

The price of a Vegitunnel is extremely low compared to the cost of creating a job in industry or commerce and the amount of self-esteem that is raised by a successful grower cannot be costed. The skills learned and the discipline employed by individuals involved in this project are all marketable commodities.

As a part of the training the growers are encouraged to begin a self-teaching experiment that leads them on a journey of discovery into the way plants are affected by the rate of nutrients applied. As a result of this sort of experimentation many growers have grown in confidence and begun to expand their growing operations to the available ground around their Vegitunnels.

Through the Robin Good Initiative Vegitunnel Project people are liberated to provide for themselves. Some recipients of Vegitunnels have expanded their enterprises and become ‘multi Vegitunnelers.’ By buying additional Vegitunnels for themselves, out of profits made, they have proven the worth of the program to everyone involved.

As you may well imagine the need for Vegitunnels is great, so your help is needed. Your donation will make a distinct difference in the life of someone who is waiting to get started on a path of self-sufficiency and ultimate prosperity.
No amount is too small or too great. But if you would like to sponsor an entire Vegitunnel, a donation of R10,000.00 ($650.00US) enables us to do it on your behalf.

This can be the end of the “Bottomless Pit” of never ending handouts for someone.

The Vegitunnel Project has been a catalyst for multitudes of people to lift themselves out of the ranks of unproductiveness into a whole new world of self-sufficiency. Robin Good Initiative does not have a silver bullet but we do have a plan that works if we are put in a place to apply it.

For R10,000.00 we can put a family in a place where they can feed themselves and earn an income for life! When it comes to Job Creation we are champions. Feeding people is a by-product. Healthy nutrition is a by-product. Education is a by-product. Self-esteem is a by-product. The list goes on.

So who has R10k in their back pocket to shell out on a stranger? Well not me and I doubt you too. If you do all well and good. Contact me now! For the rest of us I have a simple challenge; become an Robin Good Initiative Champion.

Champions know us and believe in what we do and can recommend us to all their friends because we have built up trust with them. Champions agree to give up one cup of coffee per month and get 9 other people to do the same. The R200.00 is donated to the Vegitunnel Project monthly and we send a receipt notification to the group in return. The monthly notification is the safeguard.

Do you know 9 people to ask to read this and donate R20.00 or more per month?

For our UK friends we are talking one pound Stirling per person per month. For US friends it is $1.50 a month each.

The Robin Good Initiative Champions Project is more of a hassle than an expense and we get that, but please put yourself out for the sake of building something tangible into the life of a person in need.

We use the funds to ensure that we follow up the installations of Vegitunnels to bring the various projects to success in all areas.

This lady needed such extensive follow up from the team at the Robin Good Initiative Vegitunnel Project but look what she achieved with her own efforts. A perfect crop to help feed her family and sell for income.

Feel free to interact with us.

After a spending time at the end of his commercial working life as the owner of a retail garden centre, where he acquired specific skills concerning growing under controlled conditions, Brian Plant joined Robin Good Initiative as the CEO of the organisation and has been instrumental in developing the systems used to produce the structures and those used in the Vegitunnels.

Under his leadership of the Robin Good Initiative Vegitunnel Project we have established centres of ‘Vegitunnel knowledge’ around the country. It is now possible to find local support from Robin Good Initiative in most of the heavily populated areas of the country and where it is absent we have the capacity to travel to conduct training.